Stain glass windows of St Luke's

Ministry and Outreach:

Living Our
Baptismal Covenant
through Lay Ministry

Lay ministry is at
the heart of St. Luke's.
We are each called by God
to be ministers of the Gospel and
proclaim the Good News of Christ.
We rely on lay ministers
to carry out much of
the work of the church.

Lay Ministers Facilitate Worship:

It takes a team of lay ministers to
make the worship service happen

Some lay people serve at the altar during communion, or carry the cross. Others read lessons from the Bible, or proclaim the Prayers of the People.

Ushers greet the people and attend to the needs of the worshipers. Several people are involved in preparing the space for worship, from opening the doors, to making coffee after the service.

St. Luke's is a
Lay-led ministry

Contact St Luke's Church Office for information:


Our pastor provides the spiritual leadership, and it's the church members who facilitate worship and lead the ministries that witness to Christ's love in the world.

Below, you can witness all the ways St Luke's community has ministered (and continues to share) God's love with their neighbors.

Pastoral Care:

The Pastoral Care Team works with the Pastor

Some lay people serve at the altar during communion - or carry the cross. Others read lessons from the Bible, or proclaim the Prayers of the People.

Ushers greet the people and attend to the needs of the worshipers. Several people are involved in preparing the space for worship, from opening the doors, to making coffee after the service.

Altar Guild:

The Altar Guild prepares
the "physical" church for worship:

They prepare the altar for each service.

It is an ancient calling, part of an unbroken tradition reaching back to the faithful women who provided for Jesus during his lifetime.
(Mark 15:40-41; Matthew 27:55)

Joining the Altar Guild means learning many fascinating aspects of Church tradition, including the obscure names for all the various vessels, vestments, linens and ecclesiastical paraments used in worship.

Host of the 2018 Annual Convention
of the Diocese of Delaware:

St. Luke's hosted the 233rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Delaware held January 26-27, 2018 at the Princess Royale in Ocean City MD.

We welcomed state-wide attendees with gift bags, registered attendees, counted ballots from the business meeting, provided servers at worship, maintained a hospitality room for volunteers and staff, and generally did everything we could to facilitate the convention. We were the "red shirts" in these pictures.

Episcopal Church Women:

Outreach ministries listed here are operated by St. Luke's ECW, which meets at noon on the third Tuesday of September, November, February and May.

  • United Thank Offering
  • Seaford Community Closet
  • Stockley Center
  • Church Periodical Club
  • Samaritan’s Purse

United Thank Offering

The United Thank Offering is a ministry of The Episcopal Church that invites you to: Notice the good things that happen each day. Give thanks to God for your blessings. Make an offering for each blessing. Your Blessing becomes a blessing for others.

Seaford Community Food Closet

The Food Closet is a cooperative Christ-centered ministry..."Providing emergency food relief to individuals and families encountering the greater Seaford, DE area."

St. Luke's is one of several churches that provide regular donations to the Food Closet.

The second Sunday of each month, St. Luke's parishioners bring donations of peanut butter, beef stew, mac and cheese, and other staples to church. These are transported to the Food Closet at St. John's UMC for distribution to those in need.

Stockley Center

The Stockley Center provides habilitative training, health care, family services, and residential services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Church Periodical Club independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission. St. Luke's ECW maintains a loose change collection jar in the narthex. Donations placed in the jar go to support the mission of CPC.

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse Annual Drive

Each Christmas we fill shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world. Each shoebox gift becomes a tangible expression of God's love for a child in real need. Shoeboxes help ensure Operation Christmas Child’s continued presence in places that are hard to reach.


Members of St Lukes Episcopal have actively volunteered, and participated in the following local organizations and institutions:

Council of Elders

Several members of St Luke's volunteer in the "Council of Elders" at Seaford Senior High School, meeting with senior students several times a week to review their scholarship cover letters, personal resumes, and essays written in response to scholarship applications, as well as their actual applications. This is facilitated by the high school Guidance Department counselors

Code Purple

Code Purple provides meals and overnight shelter to people experiencing homelessness during the winter months. St Luke's hosts Code Purple guests from 8:30 pm to 8 am, and from December 1st through March 15th

Shared Worship:

Our congregation was excited about the shared service celebrated on Sunday, July 1, 2018. Heaven-Bound Ministries, our nearest neighboring church joined St. Luke's for a joint service blending the worship styles of both churches.

It was a truly joyful celebration of the love of Jesus Christ. Prior to the pandemic, plans were in development for another shared service, with Heaven Bound as the host congregation.

Local Organizations & Events

Seaford District Library * MLK Prayer Breakfast * Seaford Historical Society * Nanticoke Riverfest * Eastern Shore AFRAM Festival

Pastor Marianne offered the opening prayer, and was among three judges to select the winner of the festival's Sweet Potato Pie Contest.

A quilt exhibited at AFRAM's Art Show, was crafted by Ms. Brenda Holbrook depicting churches of Seaford, DE including our own St Luke's Episcopal Church.

St Luke's Parish House and Great Hall

St Luke's Parish House

In addition to housing church offices, classrooms, the Pam Chapel, and the Great (meeting) Hall, St Luke's Parish House has been an essential resource for the Seaford community, not only available for use by other churches, but also community groups and families.

For example, it previously provided regular meeting space for local scouts, mental health services, sobriety meetings, but also served as distribution facilities for organizations specializing in feeding and clothing community members in need.

In recent years, a local nonprofit was even able to establish a spay and neutering clinic in the Parish House basement for strays, and pets of underserved communities.